Thursday, November 13, 2014

Magheroarty, Mexico, Maui & Irish SUP champion!

Oh Lord I've done it again.... I've left a major hiatus in updating this bloggy thing, yikes! Sorry friends! Agh well, sure hopefully it's worth the wait! Here's a bombardment of photos to document the last few months for your viewing pleasure!
Well I guess I've been mostly working, sailing, SUPing, surfing and competing over the last few months!
I have been so unbelievably privileged to have joined the Starboard Dream Team for windsurfing and I've just had a delivery of my 2015 wood quads in 74L and 69L. These babies are AMAZING! I have already had some insanely good trips up North to Magheroarty on them and I am so stoked for a Winter at home training on them. Happy Bunny!
Here are a few photos (thanks for Finn Mullen and Michael Clancy for taking them) from the Magheroarty Classic and some free sailing days!

Poor Quality shot but taking a beating on a monster!

The Magheroarty Classic was an amazing event organised by Tomasz Lotoki and showcased the best of Irish Windsurfing talent in the best of Irish Windsurfing conditions. Such a tour de force of sailors turned out from every corner of Ireland and abroad and made it a very respectable, professional event. Steve Thorp totally ripped and claimed the title from Timo Mullen in a really tightly contested final. Massive thanks to Tom, all his staff and the judges for making it such a phenomenal success with the Irish windsurfing family 2014 reunion!

So then I guess I should mention MEXICO!! Such an inspirational group of women competing at the highest standard possible. The AWT ladies are my best friends and they represent talent at the upper echelons of both male and female sailing tempered with a grace, elegance and kindness which makes them truly unique! I was thrilled to make the final and to take 4th behind Ingrid Larouche 3rd, Sarah Hauser 2nd and Fiona Wylde 1st.

Also on the agenda over the last few months has been competing in SUP. Both racing and surf. The SUP scene in Ireland is growing from strength to strength and I feel very lucky to be a part of a unique community of people who are pioneering our sport in Ireland. I am so very grateful to all the organisers of the National and fun racing and surf events that we have had over the last few months. They generously give of their time and make very professional events happen! I am proud to say my results this year include: 1st Lady Irish SUP Surf Nationals, 1st Lady Irish SUP Technical Race, 1st Lady Irish SUP Surf Classic; Aughris Co.Sligo, 1st Lady Battle for the Bay; SUP survivor race, 1st Lady Battle for the Bay; SUP marathon race. All achieved using my amazing KeNalu SUP paddles and Starboard 8'0 pro and 12'6 raceboards!

Finn won the overall men's title too!

Huge thanks to Emmet O'Doherty for organising the racing in Bundoran!

Huge thank you to Paul Byrne and the crew of the Battle of the Bay

Incredible group of Irish Women taking their SUP skills and Irish Women's SUP to the next level!!
And lastly it has been on to Maui this last week for a chance to catch up with my extended family in my second home. Huge surf has hit this week with Jaws going off and I got to catch some swell of my own at Lanes with some friends and also to party in style with all my AWT Bestie Girls! 

Here's a little nugget I caught at Lanes.... just up the road Jaws was firing!

Hanging out with my AWT/PWA girls at the 2014 closing ceremony, stunners!!

See ya next time!