Friday, February 14, 2014

Voya Days..... and other adventures

Well at least this blog isn't quite as tardy/overdue as my other entries..... Dear diary, it's been 2 months since my last blog post...... not bad by my usual standards!
So where to start... well I guess the biggest news would be in relation to Voya Organic Beauty. Last month I was announced as their new (and first) brand ambassador. YAY!

Here's a collection of the piccies from the photoshoot....

I can't even begin to describe how happy and honored I am to have been chosen as their new brand Ambassador.  Voya is a company that represents all that I love and respect most in life. They are an organic company which is family owned and run, based in Sligo in the West of Ireland, 100% sustainable and carbon neutral.... and most importantly, their core ingredient originates in the wild Atlantic Ocean..... Seaweed!! Having met and worked with Mark and Kira and all the team at Voya I can safely say that there is no other product with which I have felt such an affinity or garnered such a level of respect for. I am so proud to be associated with Voya not only because of their ethos as a company but also because the products REALLY WORK! 
As your typical windsurfer/surfer I have exposed my skin and hair to some pretty harsh conditions.... from the wild, cold Atlantic, to the warm, salty Pacific; I've definitely tested my exterior to the max! A mixture of ignorance and time constraints had up til now herded me away from beauty products and complex beauty regimes.... Oh how naive I was! The last few months I've been using Voya religiously and I am now fully converted to the Church of Organic Beauty care! Contrary to what I would have had myself believe, taking care of my skin and my hair is not the most arduous task in the world.... it's actually great fun :-) Starting my day with a quick facial wash using Cast Away cleansing wash followed by a touch of Me Time Moisturiser sets me up for the day feeling clean and fresh. During the day in the hospital or on and off the water I use Balmalicious for my super chapped lips. Then in the evenings I use Cleanse and Mend to remove my makeup and cleanse at the same time, a quick spray of Ritzy Spritzy toner and then a drop of My Little Hero serum send me to bed with yummy, clean, glowing skin :-) My other 2 saviours are Softly Does It for my legs after the shower or after a long day in the sea and sun and Forget Me Knot conditioner which basically salvages my hair from a dreadlock massacre into a silky smooth tangle-free head of hair :-)
Take a look at the video here from the photoshoot session for a wee gander at what went on behind the scenes... (being pampered and preened is definitely not my usual day-in-the life but something I could definitely get used to!)

So I guess also in other news..... I was also extremely honored and proud to have won Outsider Magazine's Breakthrough Performance of the Year award in December!!! YEWWW! Pretty excited about the win and so unbelievably honored to have been included in the category with such other amazing nominees. It was a savage night and I got to share it with all the Outsider Magazine crew, my amazing Mum and Sister and a bunch of really inspirational, like-minded people who've been pushing Irish adventure and sport over this past year :-) THANK YOU Outsider Magazine!!

In more news I am STOKED to now be the proud owner of this pimp new SUP paddle from KeNalu, Thank You Ed and KeNalu.... this wee sweeping stick is awesome!!

And naturally in between all my new very important beauty regimes I'm still managing to squeeze in some water time..... here's some Magheroarty craic.... bloody cold!

More of the same freezing fun times up North

Did I mention it was cold?!?!?

Like well proper cold!!!

Cheeky screen grab from a video shot up North

And lastly I got to venture over to Cornwall last weekend and catch up with all the crew from the Red Bull Storm Chase for their final mission. It was an insane event with Brawzhino, Leon and Dany going nuts in the hurricane style conditions.... but it was this guy here, the uber talented and fully crazy in the head sailor Mr. Thomas Traversa who took the win. Super nice guy, super talented and a very good friend of Mikey's.... who I know was smiling down on them from above and egging them on to go higher and harder.

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