Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Guess I've Been A Liiiiiiiittle Bit Busy; Sorry Mr.Blog!!

Halooooooooha friends,
Eeep, it's been far far too long since I wrote a blog entry, my bad :-( Apologies for being slack on it. I'd blame my new job only I'd be afraid the powers that be might see this and I'd only be hurting their feelings........ so I'll blame myself and my complete inability to multitask.... Doctor + Windsurfer does not = decent Blogger. New Year's resolution; Must try harder!!!
Jeez where to start. These last 5 months have been nuts. Back at work full time as a doctor and trying to squeeze in water-time and comps has definitely meant my social life (and blogging career!) have taken a back seat. Gone are the lazy days of eat, windsurf, SUP, sleep, eat, beer, repeat. I've kept the eat part.....naturally, and the sleep part......standard, but I've replaced all the other fun stuff with work. So today friends I'm going to write a blog all about a day-in-the-life of a junior doctor; so interesting really..... a tantalising read ahead...... work, work, work, work, work, work,
HA! Just kidding, that crap's well boring. I'll just post some photos of me having some epic fun on the water here at home on my brand new custom Moo 72L Quad and Hot Sails Maui Firelights..... yewww!

Magheroarty Sessions August '13
Do you think the boat can see me?? Eeeeep!
In nice and deep ;-)
 Run Katie Run!
 Huge THANK you to Al Bennett for the shots :-)

 Aragh I suppose I did get sooooooome socialising in ;-)......
 DanDan Gardner, my brother from another mother, ripper windsurfer and SUPer

Festivals in Ireland are epic! Especially when its 28degrees and sunny

I've also had some insanely fun sessions up North over the last few months. We had the Irish SUP contest in Strandhill (my new home as of January '14, yeeeeahhhh!). Won by Finn Mullen, and an epic weekend with mates from around Ireland

SUP Buddies for life ;-) HA!

Got my brand new handmade HUKU longboard too..... it's class! Took her for her inaugural spin that day, pretty much my first time ever on a me this thing is FAST! Just ask my right hip which took the brunt of a downhill mistake last week, fully creamed myself, I'm such a kook

Kooksville. Population; me

Had a fun Northerly session in Strandhill too this Summer, bit of fun jumping, mixed with some zero temp hail showers and squalls.... standard Ireland ;-)

No Dougall, that cow is small, this cow is just faaaaaar away

More socialising for Shell's bday.....maybe I get out more than I thought...... ;-)

Then in September it was time for the Magheroarty Wave Classic in Memory of Mikey Clancy. It was an amazing event, hosted by Tom Lotocki and a huge crew of volunteers. The event was insanely successful with 50 people entering and guys coming from the UK to compete, including Timo Mullen who went on to win the event. It was super emotional for everyone involved but particularly for Mikey's beautiful family who came to remember Mikey with us and to scatter his ashes in a stunning ceremony on the beach. The sun came out and we all held hands and walked into the water as Bernie and Sean brought Mikey back to where he belongs. His favorite beach in Ireland, his favorite place in the world. Rest in Peace there Mikey, a part of you will always be there with us now.

Me and Michael Sn. 

Me with Bernie and Michael, Mikey's parents. And Rob Jones (Irish Wave Champ 2013!) and Danny. Sean and Alessio were there too :-) So good to hang out with Mikey's family and share his memories
He is painfully missed 

Here are some photos of me sailing my heats...... thanks to Finn and Stephen for the shots. I love the island in the background.....makes it look fully Irish ;-)

Amigos :-)

I also had a few more media escapades over the last few months. 
Here's the link to the Windsurf Magazine article from Jaws..... really stoked to have been included in the piece featuring my heroes- Brawzhino, Bouji, Ezzy, Katchadorian, Dany Bruch and Kauli Seadi

Here's a piccie of an article Sasha Leitner wrote for Women's Surf Style Magazine about me. Sasha's based on Oahu and rips on the water while doubling up as a bikini designer and journalist on the side, hero! 

I also did an interview with the guys from the What If Adventure Film Festival about the general goings on on my life and my adventures on Maui. Have a listen to the podcast if you have the time;

Then I guess I just kept on the adventuring in Ireland. With the insanely hot Summer we had it meant that the Autumn water temps were sooooo nice! Really balmy :-) As I've always said, I am so fortunate to have been able to travel the world.... but when you have the variety and consistency of conditions on your doorstep and you can share them with your best mates, sure why would you need to go anywhere else?!!
Here's one day in Clare.... wee windsurf in Fanore, then a wee surf at Doonbeg with my besties :-)

Nuts Irish Squall passing by in the distance

Paddle Air Guitar.... The 'Sam Bittner Special'!

Then for a little bit of a 'cultural' experience I went to Israel for a week with my Mum and sister......such an incredible country. Ate my body weight in falafel and hummus (standard) and finally did a trip that didn't involve being on the water, which was really refreshing and totally eye-opening

Taking a dip in the River Jordan

Dinner in Tel Aviv :-)

Then it was off on another mission to try track down the big winter storm that was headed for the south west coast of England....perfectly coinciding with the BWA Cornwall event;
The event was great craic and such a hoot to catch up with all my UK amigos, especially the ladies' fleet which this year was stacked with talent. I wasn't very lucky in my heats but that's contests for ya. Stoked for Debbie for taking the win, Justyna 2nd and Sarah 3rd. Awesome girls and brilliant competition!

Here are some action shots from the big day of comp at Gwithian, Huge thank you to the photographer!

Sequence of me on a biggy ;-)

Trying to jump over Ross! ;-)

The next day I went to Marazion...... and took a beating!! HAHAHAHAHA! Owie ;-)



And then I guess my last most recent escapades have been with my amigo Josh Sampiero who came to visit Ireland and share some green, empty Irish waves with me.... along with some yummy Guinness times

 Me on a cold, sunny peak at Magheroarty.
There's no place like HOME!
Thank you Finn for all the photos and all the adventures..... but mostly, for all the food!

So there ya have it amigos..... I guess life aint so bad at all at all. I'm one lucky bunny to be here at home with all my friends and family and collegues and most importantly, a vast expanse of coast line in my back garden to play with........ And all I need is a fleece vest, 5/4mm wetsuit, hood, booties, gloves...... Ok, maybe I miss Maui a little bit. But only a little ;-)

Till next time friends! Be sure to follow me on Twitter for much more up to date craic and photos! @katiemcanena