Monday, November 19, 2012

Morocco and Maui and lots of Competitions!

Heyhey friends ;-)
ALOOOOOOOOOHA from Maui, the windsurfing mecca and garden isle of Hawaii :-)
Well it's been a while..... sorry! I have a habit of leaving these posts for a few weeks and then bombarding ye with a big one..... I'm just so busy having fun!
Sooooooo since Peru had an epic few weeks at home and away...... took a cheeky trip to work on my surfing in Morocco with my bestie girl friends from home.... Lisa, Marese, Ailbhe and Aoibheann. We booked into the SurfMaroc Taghazout Villa and had probably THE best random surf week ever! The accommodation was pimp and the local Moroccan tour guides, mixed with super tasty local food and a bunch of roudy Irish girls was the perfect recipe for some mad old craic.

Evening Yoga on the terrace.... still can't even touch my toes ;-)

Birthday shinanigans

Girls with Fadl our couch and dance partner in crime ;-)

Wish I had brought my SUP for these perfect rights..... still super rookie at surfing but could have done a lot more on waves like this with my little SUP.....

Me still sucking at surfing..... some day! 

Me trying to out run the section.... ha!

Then it was off back to Ireland for a few cheeky sessions at home...... gotta love the September sessions..... warm and long days and hurricane season in the caribbean = happy happy joyjoy! 
We had the 1st event of the IWA wave tour for 2012..... As usual there weren't many women who entered but I got to compete against Sophia Joy Gilje, a UK ripper which was awesome. I had some pretty fun heats.... 4.2 onshore port tack and took the ladies win! Also came 10th against a fleet of 17 men so pretty chuffed with that too :-) By winning that event I also took the over-all Irish Women's Title for 2012..... for the 4th time.... woohoo! SO happy! Congrats to Rob Jones too who won the men's title :-) Legend :-) Also got a shipment of my new 2013 Simmer Sails Blacktips, SICK! Love them. Thank you SIMMER!

New Simmers 2013..... MOO and IR 091

Then it was off to MAUI! Love this place and so lucky to be able to come here again and again. The main aim was to compete on the last AWT event stop of the year... the Maui Makani Classic at the mecca of Ho'okipa. It was my 3rd event on the 6 stop tour and was going to be the toughest. With 20 girls entered and the vest majority of them being household names in windsurfing I was going to have my work cut out for me bigtime! I was also the media director for the event helping out my friend and AWT tour director Sam Bittner. It was an awesome new angle for me at events and meant everyday I would do the write ups for the day's heats..... you can check them all out on the AWT facebook page Also did some interviews with Camiile Juban and Levi Siver and Brawzinho so you can check them out too on

Made it through my first heat but heat 2 was a toughy. I was up against last year's 2nd place and legend Anne-Marie Reichmann and last year's winner, total shredder Junko Nagoshi..... eeeeek! So it was always going to be an uphill battle. But my heat went well, I picked off one long set wave with 5 turns and two other decent waves. I only lost out on a place in the semi finals by 0.9 points on a 2:1 judges decision to Anne-Marie..... so I was stoked! to have come so close and to have sailed the best I could have :-)

Having logo-mast high Ho'okipa to yourself with only 3 other girls for 20 whole minutes...... an absolute dream!

Opening Ceremony at Ho'okipa..... check the little Irish flag we brought from home on the left! WOOHOO! Gwan the paddies! Neil Turpin was also representing for Ireland among the other 120 competitors and 24 nationalities and coming an impressive 3rd in the amateurs, go on ya good ting Neilo!!

Jumps weren't counting but sure I did one anyways..... ;-)

So I came 7th overall for the AWT Maui event.... pretty stoked with some HUGE names in the women's fleet. Well done to all the girls who entered.... not a single girl was out there who didn't rip and prove to the guys what we can do!

And I came 5th Overall for the AWT 2012 year!! WOOHOO! I only did 3 events so here's hoping if I can do 4 events next year I will make it to the podium!

Me with AWT rippers Sarah Delaunay (new Simmer team member woohoo!) and Butterfly effect legend Tatiana Howard :-) 

Me with Bouji and Fiona Wylde :-)

Contest girls Tammy, Sam, me and Sierra :-)

So I'll be writing my official Boardseeker Diary from Maui soon and will post the link to it here asap :-)
For now it's back to sailing Ho'okipa, surfing, eating fresh Ahi and hanging out on this beautiful tropical island with the coolest amigos in the world :-)
Back SOON!