Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adventuring and the likes......

Sure what have I been up to at all at all these last 12 months?! Not blogging apparently......muchos apologies but I didn't have anything worth writing about so trust me, I did ye all a favour!
As I said in my last post I've been grinding away at my job as an intern doctor for the last year, based out of Galway and Sligo. I barely windsurfed a dozen times all year but work had to take the main focus and I survived the hard slog and have come out with my full registration and qualifications so happy bunny now!
Where to start...........let's do a quick recap on my trip to Maui in March, epic old adventure, quick 2 week break from work and hop skip and a jump over the Atlantic into the deep Pacific and onto the doorstep of my surrogate Maui family Sam and Neil at Camp One. I was treated to the joys of roomate-dom with the effervescent Muzza and Jay Haysey...Mr.Globalshots and we spent 2 weeks sailing, SUPing, surfing and eating all of Neilo's delicious foody treats. Here's some pics

Backie at Ho'okipa thanks to Globalshots

Jimmie Hepp Ho'okipa

Giampaolo Photography ;-)

Si Crowther photo at Ho'okpia

Then it was back off home to finish my intern year and then begin what I like to call my version of the PWA..... the Paddy Windsurfing Adventures ;-) as I embarked on a year of sailing and training in the best windsurfing spots in the world ;-)
I started with my first actual PWA (professional windsurfing assoc) event in Tenerife in July. I lived with the awesome Amy Carter aka Miss Boards and Boardseeker and we had a right old hoot for 2 weeks. I have always wanted to do  a PWA event ever since I started wavesailing and saw the girls with the PWA stickers on their sails at Ho'okipa. Unfortunately my 'year off' is from July to July as that's the working year in Ireland and this is not at all conducive to competing on different tours as most run from some time in March til October. This means I could do events on the PWA, American Windsurf Tour (AWT) and British Windsurfing Association Tours (BWA) but I wouldn't be able to compete for any solid overall rankings because I was going to miss the start of the year. Anyhoo, less words, more photos! So I did my first PWA event in Tenerife and had a total hoot but I was less than prepared seeing as I hadn't trained in a year.....but timing wise it was the only one I could have done this year so I sucked up my pride and entered. I was the only Irish entrant at that event and the 1st Irish woman to ever enter a PWA wave event ;-) Didn't exactly wow with my skills but gave it all I had.....which wasn't much hahahaha! and came 9th overall. Good experience yes, would I do one again? .......cost of travel and locations the PWA choose considered...... probably not..... but you never know and there's nothing like having a world ranking so we'll wait and see. 

The PWA girls with 3rd place legend Karen Jaggi

And then it was off to San Carlos Mexico for an EPIC adventure and the start of my 3 stops on the AWT for 2012. I was their 'Rider of the Week' in May so check it out here on the AWT website
http://americanwindsurfingtour.com/2012/03/rider-of-the-week-9/ Not going to write anything about it here because I have poured my heart out about it in my monthly Boardseeker diaries called "The Adventures of Katie McAnena". Have a good read of it here http://www.boardseekermag.com/features/windsurfing-events/adventures-of-katie.html
 I came 2nd in the ladies which I was pretty delighted about!


1st Place Fiona Wylde, 2nd place me!, 3rd place Sam Bittner

Biggest flag ever in Ensenada

Dodgy border crossing

EPIC Solosports camp

And then I scrambled off to Peru for the Pacasmayo Wave Classic! Another stop on the AWT! Here I came 3rd in the ladies which then gave me a ranking of 4th overall for the AWT 2012 which would have been better had I done more events, but again timing this year for doing competitions hasn't been ideal ;-) I'm not going to write about it here because I'll be doing a huge article for boardseeker next week all about it so stay tuned! For now here are some photos.....

Me during a heat

Me during SUP heat

Sunset sesh

Cheeky jump

Endless lefts

Epic waves, I'm LOVING it!

Sam Bittner and I.... walking lop-sided mostly from the howling wind but also from the cervezas we partook prior to the session ;-)

Up at the point

Pacasmayo Fiesta with Tatiana, Alex, Sam, Caro and I

Closing ceremony with Sam and I 

3rd place ladies windsurf, 2nd place ladies SUP :-)

Margaritas by the pool......

1st place Tatiana Howard (Hawaii), 2nd place Miho Tanaka (Japan), 3rd place me! (IRELAND!!)

SO pictures speak a thousand words and as I said check out my article in Boardseeker.com next week for the full report from Peru :-)

Results so far this year:
2nd Place Ladies AWT Baja Mexico Windsurf
3rd Place Ladies AWT Pacasmayo Peru windsurf
2nd Place Ladies Pacasmayo Classic StandUpPaddle (SUP)

AAAAAAAND there ya have it amigos. The beginnings of my epic year-long windsurfing adventures. So exciting!! Currently in Taghazout Marocco for a surf/yoga retreat......more on that another time, but catching some fun waves with all my Galway girls. Then off to Maui for the last event of the AWT where I will be competing and also taking up the role as Media Director.....should be funny! Can't wait though.... gonna be crashing at Camp One with my foster family again and cruising around with all the Maui amigos. I'll keep this blog much more updated from now on....I promise so stay tuned for my future adventures 
Cheers! Katie :-)

Little Article from my local Newspaper thanks to Lia Stokes!