Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ah yes my blog..... forgot about you!

Me leppin' about the place in Belmullet, Happy Bunny!

Ah well helloooooo there friends :-) So I've been a tad slack on the old blogging lark for a while now..... well 6 months really, my bad? Many many reasons really, mainly lack of wind over the summer but no excuses really, pretty less than average on my part, sorry!
Soooooo, where do I start?! I could probably type a short novel about the last 6 months, so much doing, but that wouldn't be much fun, I'm no Oscar Wilde and ye don't have all day..... so here, in a wee nutshell, is me from April - now, less words, I'll let the photos do the talkin'!.......... alrighty....

So I sat my medicine finals in April and became a doc, woohoo!
In May I got my new custom MOO board, just in time for the BWA Kerry contest, literally, it arrived off the ferry with Nigel Treacy and the first time I sailed it was in a heat...... hmmmm always a wise decision to sail brand new gear for the first time in a heat ;-) Needless to say, I sailed like a kook, not cos the board, which is SICK by the way (more on that later!), but cos I was sitting on my toosh for 9 months studying and not training! But the comp was sick, such banter in the gaff with the UK boys. Fairly roudy at times, many stories but what happens in Kerry stays in Kerry so I'll be keeping them to myself thank you very much! but it's not hard to imagine what kinda shinanigans were had with me, Muzza, Lampy, George, Adam, Mikey, Griffy, Nathan etc in one house, and in fairness Lampy counts as 2 people cos he's a GIANT! Anyhoo, I lost the womens to a very deserving and ripping Sarah Bibby who was charging after her year off. Here's a few piccies from the water/pub.....

                                          Me, Griffypoo, Clancy boy, Nathan and the Lamp!

Me and the champ Sarah B

How the Paddy's do a BBQ 

Sooooo then it was onto having the best friggin Summer of my life, trips to Barcelona, Portugal surfin and sailin, road trippin around Ireland and Europe, heaps of parties and a fair old squeeze of surfing and sailing and just general mighty craic.
One epic trip stands out when myself, Lampy Mikey Clancy and Griff hit up Magheroarty for a 40knot, 5m swell, 2 day session. Really started connecting with my MOO custom 74L and my new Simmer Black tips...... here's a taster......

Showing the Tea-Baggers how we pole-dancers do it ;-)

Completely STACKED on my 3.0m

Had a fair few more decent sessions round the usual Clare/West coast scene but no photos so won't bore u with words!
I guess the other major windsurfing news of the last few months is the bit of media coverage I've been getting, it's awesome that so many people, and women especially are interested in learning about different sports and getting out there and getting involved. Most of the interviews I did all took the angle of "women in sport" which I was hugely honored to be included in...... so here's a few snippets.....

Stellar Women's Magazine June 2011

The Sunday Independent

"Life" Magazine with Ireland's top surfer Richie Fitzgerald and Me

Connaught Tribune

A super nice write up from George Shillito in "BOARDS" magazine

Very privileged to share the same space with Nicole Morgan, Ireland's top female surfer in "GalwayNow" magazine

And that's that I guess...... Now more sailing photos...... and I just want to reiterate what an absolute HERO JON KENNET from MOO CUSTOM boards is.......... he has shaped my 2 quad fins, my 74L and my baby mini-moo 58L. I can without doubt say I have never sailed better in my life than I have on these boards and that's without even getting to train much, they are absolutely incredible!! Finally, as a girl I have boards that are custom shaped for my size and height and I don't have to sail like a douchebag anymore on production boards that are made for 90kg men. So God bless ya Jon Kennett! hahahaha! here's to a very long career together! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

And then the last few piccies are from my most recent sessions. firstly from the hero and ripper Rob Jones who I shared a sweet sesh with down in Kerry a couple of weeks back..... rigged up in his and Rose's (also a total shredder!) front garden, sailed for hours in their back garden, then wolfed down some generous cups of tea, cheers guys, pair of ledgebags! Also thanks to Rob's dad for taking the shots......

Cheeky forward with my troll hair!

Backie attempt.....

And lastly we had the 2nd round of the IWA wave tour in Belmullet a few weeks back..... I won the ladies (never hard seeing as I'm the only chick :-( .... ) but didnt do too badly against the boyos either, made it to one semi final and came 7th overall in the men's pro fleet..... pretty chuffed with that! and came 6th overall in Cork in Round 1 so on my way to ranking bout 6th/7th overall if I can keep it up in the final round in November...... we'll see!

Belmullet IWA MOOOOOOOOOves!!

well now........ there ya have it in a not so small nutshell! Sorry for being a loser and not updating til now..... so many more stories and so much more banter I didnt get around to but I won't leave it as long again next time!!

So to finish, here's a video of me smacking myself silly trying to backflip at Blackrock this summer, nice commentary from my lil bro Peter!