Friday, March 25, 2011

MOOOOO! Bit O' Fuerte, DanDan goes ByeBye and Katie goes INSANE!

Hiya kids!
Alas it's been a while, my bad! But in fairness it's been a slow few weeks. So let's start with the big news....... just got sponsored by MOO CUSTOM BOARDS!!

The first heifer on the Moo Crew, got milk?! HAHAHAHA! So excited about it! Jon (the legend) Kennett is shaping me 2 dream boards, 58L and 73L quad fins. His innovative shapes and designs are really starting to turn heads on the water with the likes of Dan Gardner, Steve Thorp and Steve King all ripping it up on them. It's been a huge decision for me to change board sponsor as the crew at were incredibly supportive to me and have helped me progress so much over the last 2 years. But it came down to the fact that I just needed boards that were made for my weight, height and standard. So I'd like to say a huge thank you to Pearse and Kathryn for all their support and wish them every success in the future (check out for all your watersports needs!)
And so that's where MOO came in! Jon's shaping me up my 2 babies as we speak, I canny wait to get them. I'll post up pics as soon as they arrive. In terms of sail sponsors I've got myself an EPIC! new sponsor...... but that will have to wait for a later post.... hahahahaha!
Ok so, I hit up Fuerte with the mothership a couple of weeks back. It coincided with the Fuerte wave classic which was sweet to catch up with my mate Mikey Clancy who has made an amazing recovery from his injury to his ankle which he sustained in Tiree in '09......... I still blame myself for that one Mikey!...... long story but the poor kid bust himself up bad and got minus sympathy from yours truly, I told him to suck it up, then freaked out cos he made me drive his van on the 24hour trip home all the while telling him he was totally fine and his ankle would be grand..... woopsies, sorry mate! I promise when I graduate as a doc I'll build you a new ankle!! So in 4 days on Fuerte I sailed twice, surfed (badly!!) twice and ate and drank my body weight in Buffet food and beer with my total hero legend of a Mum! Happy days. Here's a few shots taken by Mikey Clancy Sr. (a total gentleman). Pretty Micro-shred conditions but a bit of fun.
Great Ole Craic!
So other than Fuerte and one or 2 other sweet sessions down in Clare, that's been it for me really :(
I'm soooooooooo frustrated by my life at the moment. I know you have to have the crap times to appreciate the good ones but I just miss being on the water. I have 5 weeks to go til I'm finished being a student FOREVER which is amazing but right now with the sun beating down outside 5 weeks feels like a lifetime away. But I need to suck it up, grow a pair and just ignore the sun, surf reports, windguru etc and try and get the best darn degree I can! I'm just really nervous about the comps in May, there's an Irish and British comp in Kerry at the start of that month. I won the Brisitsh event last year and am dying to hold onto my title but seeing as I haven't trained at all :( :( and I won't get to tune up my new gear at all before I compete, chances are I'm going to sail like a total BARNEY! But then I guess I'd rather sail like a Barney than not sail at all :) Bring on MAY and the ceremonious burning of my books and white student doctors coat! 
Also on a bum note is my mate Dan G is going to Ozzy Land next week. What a douchebag! He's my favourite sailing buddy and now my dairy team mate. But he's gonna have an awesome time, all those Bogan Utes and pints of Emu and meat pies, he'll fit right in .... We had a send off for him on Paddy's Day last week down in Kerry, twas flippin epic! Here's some piccies of the Guinness fuelled madness......We'll miss ya DanPants!
So just leaving the sunny warmth of my garden now to hole myself back up at my desk. Just been listening to Bon Iver tunage, brings me straight back to Maui everytime I listen to it..... and with the sun beating down on me this afternoon I almost felt like I was back on Camp One, chilling and waiting to go for a sick sail and come home to a gormet Neilo and Sam meal........ I'll be there soon, miss you guys! Looks like it's epic there at the mo, with the UK guys like Muzza and Sarah Bibby ripping!
Enjoy the tune...