Monday, February 7, 2011

I gots the Brain Pain! Oof it's a deep,deep burn!

Alrighty then.... where to start! Last week was fairly epic. A gigantor swell hit the west coast along with some gale force winds and a bucket loada rain. So I reckon unless you're a windsurfer, kiter, surfer or a duck, you won't have enjoyed it, but we sure did!! Made the rookie mistake of filming Dan G at our fav spot down in Clare for the first 45 mins of the session on Thurs, so while he ripped it up on some juicy logo-high waves and I played James Cameron, the wind picked up a stink to gusting about 50 knots which killed the swell and destroyed any chances I had of catching a wave. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I was proper angry! But then Brian McD ventured out and got equally as nailed as I did and that put the smile right back on my face! hahahahaha!
Then it was off for the mammoth road trip down to Cork boy for the first IWA event of the year. Ronan McG, Dan G and I cruised down in Ronan's pimped new van, and somewhere between wetting ourselves with giggles, heading half-way to Dublin (not blaming anyone......RONAN!!), and hanging our heads out the window to escape the wrath of Dan's bowels, we made it down in time for the comp.
Photo from BWA Kerry event
We sailed at Coolmaine, not a bad ould spot, with cross-on starboard tack conditions and some peachy ramps to launch off. The 1st comp was the "big-air" which was basically aimed at kamakaze style air-time, no loops, no pushies, nothing but pure air. No doubt it was some spectacle to watch, everyone was on such a high (ooof bad pun Katie!) after it and Dan G took the win for his monster jump out the back.
Then there was the Expression Session in which everyone sailed like a loony-bin on sails about 4.0-4.7m. I was on my 4.2..... bad call cos I was way over-powered! but I threw my first proper end-over forward. It felt SICK! best rotation I ever did. But over-rotated and whip-lashed my head off my gear. I reckon I bruised my poor brain, I've had a headache and felt nauseous since but all in the name of entertaining the masses I guess! HAHAHA! Turns out Oisin Van G won that session with some epic jumping and loops.
So we trundeled off to the BandB in Clonakilty and the land lady was mad after a bit of Ronan's     dust, sure he only loved it! Then an epic dinner, which I've attached a pic of, the only photo I took all weekend, how LAME! But what's more lame is Dan and Ronan trying to pull off the gay-lovers look with their matching sophisticated jumpers and red wines, I had to man up for all of us and order a beer, proper order!!
Next day, and with the feeling like we'd all been in a car crash, we hit the beach for the comp. I won't go through it blow for blow (cos sure that's only boring!).... so quick synopsis: Pearse (and judges Maurice+Dave) ran a blinder of an event, the legend Rob Jones made a cameo appearance fresh home from Chile but bust his ankle so had to act as beach master for the day (hats off to him), everyone sailed class, especially rookie Ryan O'Leary who blazed through to the final, Mark K bust his sail doing a pushie, Dan G bust his mast and had me doing a search and rescue Titanic-style looking for him in the bay, I made it to the semi-finals (I sailed like a kook in 2 of my heats, really need to practice my cross-on riding, but went for forwards in all my heats, just to cement in the brain damage! and I beat a few of the boys on the way..... beaten by a girl hahahahaha!!).
Oisin Van G took 1st, Marky Mark 2nd, Ryan (young gun) O'Leary 3rd. I won the ladies (and think I came maybe 9th against the boys in the pro fleet, yeeeew!). Amazing turn out by the Silver Fleet too, good on ye!
WOW that was looooong. Sorry if I lost you at hello! So I'm off to Fuerte tomorrow, Can't WAIT! I'll keep ye posted.
Also 2 bits of news: 1) I changed my sail number to IR091 (representing for the Galway kids!)
2) I've some amazing NEW SPONSORS! Can't say much yet but stay tuned.