Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome!! (and no man is an island)

Hiya! Well I thought I'd jump on the old blog bandwaggon and use it to keep ye posted on my windsurfing sessions and the likes. I'll try and post up photos and videos from my local and foreign adventures so stay tuned! I've so may random tales of windsurfing, not sure where I'll start....... I guess Happy New Year to everyone would be good. I had an incredible Christmas break from uni, Santa/the wind and wave gods smiled on me kindly and I got 2 sweet cross-off sailing sessions in Fanore and then day after day of SUP surfing in Co.Clare, I'm pooped now! Back to school tomorrow..... but always with one eye on the forecast.... I've never made a real New Years resolution, I'm just not good at them, they feel like a ball and chain around your ankle and by the 7th of January then I just quit anyways. But sitting around with my mates with a hot bowl of chowder (after a 0degree celcius surf yesterday) I came up with, not exactly a resolution for next year but a theme... or a general state of mind..... "No man is an island". Take from it what you think, but I know what it means to me :)