Monday, January 24, 2011


Random old piccie from Belmullet comp '09
Hey Hey!
So had 2 sweet sessions in the last week. Last Saturday myself and my windsurfing buddies, Dan G, Mark Killeen and Brian McD (beach telegraph master!) scored a sick session at our favourite reef break. Logo to mast, and about 30knots cross-shore..... we were pretty happy campers! Despite me nearly getting my head chopped off by a kiter (and rightly so.... I dropped in on him twice, oops, my bad?!) and getting the stink eye from local angry surfers (here's a tip guys..... don't surf when it's 30knots or else pick up a wind sport, you do live on the west coast of ireland after all so try changing it up a bit, you know like surf when its surfable, windsurf/kite when there's wind..... just a thought).
Then had a sweet SUP session in lahinch on friday, sun was beating down, the sea was about 10degrees and there were only 4 of us out there (including Brian McD, local at this stage! who had to surf "prone" as he put it cos he smashed up his SUP during a great session on Thurs at his fav reef break...... so gutted I missed that one but I guess I can't make a total joke of my medical degree and skive off everyday!). After my session I really randomly met 2 americans in the parking lot, we got talking and turns out they're from Maui!! and live in Haiku! So we'd a good natter about all the crew on Maui and they made me all nostalgic, I need a trip back there soon! We aslo got chatting about Aileens (which broke on Thurs) and jaws which has been firing on Maui lately, some amazing photos in circulation at the mo,check out the one I attached below (don't know who to credit for it).
So now it's flat and calm for the next week and the library beckons. Shit buzz! If you have a free second check out a wee "tip" I sent Amy Carter at FLOW (for ladies of windsurfing) about gear and rigs.
I really admire what she's doing with FLOW, she's super passionate about promoting women in windsurfing and I've no doubt her FLOW revolution will keep going from stregnth to stregnth.