Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dust off your gear, it's comp time!

WOOP! Time to kick off the 2011 Irish IWA Wave tour with the 1st stop bringing us back to the people's republic of Cork. Link = 1st IWA wave event
Organised by the crew (my awesome sponsors!) it's promising to be a cracking event. Really looking forward to catching up with everyone, it's been a long lonely winter out there sailing without ye! Bigsurf have it set up to cater for all levels, from "intro to wave" coaching sessions to the BigAir jump-off.
I'll be there to lend a hand with the coaching, so dust off any gear you have and come to Cork to give wavesailing a shot..... we all started somewhere...... honestly my 1st few events I remember being judged on how long I stayed up for! not my wave catching..... I think I peaked at 30 secs before a set took me out.... great craic! So seriously, if there's even the tiniest part of you that wants to try it out, PLEASE come along!
And so starts the 2011 calendar. I'm really excited about this year's tour and the UK events have just been announced by the BWA. I plan to go to most of the UK events this year, I need to retain my BWA title from Kerry and hopefully take a few more wins on UK turf. But it won't be easy, the UK girls will be out in force this year, especially the likes of Sarah Bibby, who's been training hard all Winter in Brazil and is ripping, and also my usual rival, Louise Emery who's a sick waverider and will no doubt be out in fighting form again in 2011.
I've a good feeling about this year, just 4 more months to go and I'll be a qualified doctor (lock up your kids quick!), and then I'll finally have a bit more time to focus on my windsurfing. I hope to hit up the canaries for a couple of weeks of training this Summer and start getting much more water time back here at home. My ultimate aim is to do a PWA event, whether that's this year (by the way the tour looks sick! just announced yesterday PWA Tour 2011 with new stops in the Caribbean and Tenerife), or in 2012, I will definitely do one, I just want my jumping to be up to scratch first.
But for now I'm only looking as far as this weekend which right now is looking SWEET!! West coast Forecast So see ye on the water!!