Monday, January 24, 2011


Random old piccie from Belmullet comp '09
Hey Hey!
So had 2 sweet sessions in the last week. Last Saturday myself and my windsurfing buddies, Dan G, Mark Killeen and Brian McD (beach telegraph master!) scored a sick session at our favourite reef break. Logo to mast, and about 30knots cross-shore..... we were pretty happy campers! Despite me nearly getting my head chopped off by a kiter (and rightly so.... I dropped in on him twice, oops, my bad?!) and getting the stink eye from local angry surfers (here's a tip guys..... don't surf when it's 30knots or else pick up a wind sport, you do live on the west coast of ireland after all so try changing it up a bit, you know like surf when its surfable, windsurf/kite when there's wind..... just a thought).
Then had a sweet SUP session in lahinch on friday, sun was beating down, the sea was about 10degrees and there were only 4 of us out there (including Brian McD, local at this stage! who had to surf "prone" as he put it cos he smashed up his SUP during a great session on Thurs at his fav reef break...... so gutted I missed that one but I guess I can't make a total joke of my medical degree and skive off everyday!). After my session I really randomly met 2 americans in the parking lot, we got talking and turns out they're from Maui!! and live in Haiku! So we'd a good natter about all the crew on Maui and they made me all nostalgic, I need a trip back there soon! We aslo got chatting about Aileens (which broke on Thurs) and jaws which has been firing on Maui lately, some amazing photos in circulation at the mo,check out the one I attached below (don't know who to credit for it).
So now it's flat and calm for the next week and the library beckons. Shit buzz! If you have a free second check out a wee "tip" I sent Amy Carter at FLOW (for ladies of windsurfing) about gear and rigs.
I really admire what she's doing with FLOW, she's super passionate about promoting women in windsurfing and I've no doubt her FLOW revolution will keep going from stregnth to stregnth.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dust off your gear, it's comp time!

WOOP! Time to kick off the 2011 Irish IWA Wave tour with the 1st stop bringing us back to the people's republic of Cork. Link = 1st IWA wave event
Organised by the crew (my awesome sponsors!) it's promising to be a cracking event. Really looking forward to catching up with everyone, it's been a long lonely winter out there sailing without ye! Bigsurf have it set up to cater for all levels, from "intro to wave" coaching sessions to the BigAir jump-off.
I'll be there to lend a hand with the coaching, so dust off any gear you have and come to Cork to give wavesailing a shot..... we all started somewhere...... honestly my 1st few events I remember being judged on how long I stayed up for! not my wave catching..... I think I peaked at 30 secs before a set took me out.... great craic! So seriously, if there's even the tiniest part of you that wants to try it out, PLEASE come along!
And so starts the 2011 calendar. I'm really excited about this year's tour and the UK events have just been announced by the BWA. I plan to go to most of the UK events this year, I need to retain my BWA title from Kerry and hopefully take a few more wins on UK turf. But it won't be easy, the UK girls will be out in force this year, especially the likes of Sarah Bibby, who's been training hard all Winter in Brazil and is ripping, and also my usual rival, Louise Emery who's a sick waverider and will no doubt be out in fighting form again in 2011.
I've a good feeling about this year, just 4 more months to go and I'll be a qualified doctor (lock up your kids quick!), and then I'll finally have a bit more time to focus on my windsurfing. I hope to hit up the canaries for a couple of weeks of training this Summer and start getting much more water time back here at home. My ultimate aim is to do a PWA event, whether that's this year (by the way the tour looks sick! just announced yesterday PWA Tour 2011 with new stops in the Caribbean and Tenerife), or in 2012, I will definitely do one, I just want my jumping to be up to scratch first.
But for now I'm only looking as far as this weekend which right now is looking SWEET!! West coast Forecast So see ye on the water!! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Born with a face for Radio!

So, been back to Uni for a week now....grumble grumble :( but on the bright side only 4 months to go and I'm gonzo! Had a gas weekend, ended up doing an interview on RTE Radio 1's Saturday Sport show with the legend Marty Morissey. I headed up to Dublin (my least fav place in the world!) and went to the RTE studios and somewhere in between the FA Cup results and the "outlook to Chelenham Races" sections, Marty managed to slot me in for a wee chat about the old windsurfing.

It was such a wicked experience! I know Marty from my Mum's hometown of Quilty in West Clare and I gave him a heads-up on where to go and what to see and do on his recent trip to Maui (my 2nd fav place in the world!). He ended up having an amazing trip and now loves the place as much as I do. When he got back he really kindly invited me to come on his really popular Saturday Sport show and spread the love for Irish windsurfing. T'was a fairly random interview but good and light-hearted and kept me on my toes!
A massive thank-you to Marty and Ger and the producer Robbie Irwin for giving me the opportunity, it was a very unique and rare chance to spread the love of our very unique sport.
I've attached a link to the podcast so follow it and then on the right hand side bar of the page you'll see a link to my interview, so have a listen if you missed it on Sat! RTE Radio 1 interview
So now, back to the books :( but keeping a very close eye on the forecast for this weekend here on the West Coast, it's gonna fire! Check it out! Surf report for my home spot!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Learning to Loop (and getting my ass kicked!)

Another old video from Summer '09 when I spent some time in Fuerte. Took a fair ass kicking! Have a good giggle at the pain!
Katie McAnena looping in Fuerte! from Katie McAnena on Vimeo.

Fanore Video

Here's a quick video from Feb '10 at my local spot in Fanore Co. Clare with myself, Dan Gardner and Pat Kavanagh. Not the best quality..... and not the best sailing either....hahahaha! But enjoy!
A couple of kooks hit Fanore! from Katie McAnena on Vimeo.

Welcome!! (and no man is an island)

Hiya! Well I thought I'd jump on the old blog bandwaggon and use it to keep ye posted on my windsurfing sessions and the likes. I'll try and post up photos and videos from my local and foreign adventures so stay tuned! I've so may random tales of windsurfing, not sure where I'll start....... I guess Happy New Year to everyone would be good. I had an incredible Christmas break from uni, Santa/the wind and wave gods smiled on me kindly and I got 2 sweet cross-off sailing sessions in Fanore and then day after day of SUP surfing in Co.Clare, I'm pooped now! Back to school tomorrow..... but always with one eye on the forecast.... I've never made a real New Years resolution, I'm just not good at them, they feel like a ball and chain around your ankle and by the 7th of January then I just quit anyways. But sitting around with my mates with a hot bowl of chowder (after a 0degree celcius surf yesterday) I came up with, not exactly a resolution for next year but a theme... or a general state of mind..... "No man is an island". Take from it what you think, but I know what it means to me :)